LA FEM, it’s more than a brand
– it’s a symbol of femininity.

Our goal is for all of us to discover the exquisite dialogue of feminine companionship. This webpage is devoted to provide you with as much relevant and useful information as possible – particularly regarding questions which are sometimes difficult to face by yourself.

LA FEM sanitary pads designed for WOMEN willing to lead a healthy and wholesome lifestyle!

Comfortable form and smooth surface of the sanitary pads provide an enjoyable experience;
Perfect for women unable to wear synthetic sanitary pads;
High degree of absorption guarantees a long-lasting dry surface of the sanitary pads;
Permeable to air, surface of the pads allows the skin to breathe;
High quality LA FEM sanitary pads are produced from 100% cotton of the highest degree;
Production process involves no harmful substances (no pesticides, toxins, chlorine, dioxins, synthetic fragrances or dyes)
Microbiological research conducted indicates that the sanitary pads are in accordance with the highest normative requirements.